Comfort Pac


Brand EduPac Services

72 Hour Emergency Comfort Pac

Be Prepared: Prepare students for emergencies with the 72 Hour Comfort Pac. The quality products are
packaged in a clear, durable bag with zipper-closure that can be compactly stored in a classroom. The bag
provides extra room to include personal items you may wish to add.

Fundraising: $1 from each Comfort Pac is
donated to your school to help with fundraising needs.

Contents: 6 Packages of Emergency Drinking Water, Thermal Emergency Blanket, Food Ration for 72 Hours, Whistle with Lanyard, 12 Hour Emergency Light Stick.


Food information: 12 individually wrapped 200 calorie bars, in a vacuum sealed foil package. Non thirst provoking. Small and lightweight. All natural ingredients. No preservatives. Nut free. Superior coconut flavor. 5 year shelf life.


Please contact us for customized packages and bulk pricing.